Club Calendars

For more details on how to navigate and use this interactive calendar go to the notes below.

NOTES: The calendar displayed above is based on events entered into a number of Google calendars that the Club uses to put events into the handbook. There are several calendars for different activities and these are merged to provide the calendar window above.

At the very top right of the calendar above there is a small “drop down arrow”. When this is clicked you see a list that shows all the individual Club calendars.

The “ticks” on the left of the drop down list show those calendars that are selected and their events will appear in the main calendar window. You can click on these ticks boxes and de-select one or more calendars. Their details will then be removed from the main calendar window. Calendars that you have removed can be re-selected by clicking the relevant tick box, their details will then reappear. Each calendar has its own colour, events shown with a solid block of colour have been entered as whole day event.

NAVIGATION: Along the top row of the calendar above you have various options to navigate through the calendar display. On the top right you can select Week, Month or Agenda view. You can also print the current view. On the top left you can change the month displayed, or even select a small calendar view for the current month, giving you another way of getting around. Click “today” to get back to the current date. Back to the top

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