Club Membership

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in Sailing, Motor Boating or Angling.

There is a ‘one off’ Entrance Fee and then Subscriptions paid annually. Additional fees and charges for moorings, compound space and other Club facilities are payable; these can be applied for once Membership has been accepted. Membership of the Club is subject to formal application, verification and payment in accordance with the charges below.

An entrance fee of £50.00 is applicable to new members age up to and including 29 years and £100 for 30 years plus. The entrance fee is only payable for Single, Joint, Family and Senior and in the case of Joint or Family memberships is only payable once.

Subscriptions for 2019  (01/02/19 – 31/01/20)

Membership Class Annual Fee Notes (updated 05/02/2019)
Full Member – Single £162.00 Age 26 or over
Full Members – Joint £227.00 Age 26 or over
Family (2 Full members) £269.00 Includes all Cadets (age 10 or over but under 18) who are part of the family
Young Adult £62.00 Age 18 or over but under 26
Ducklings No charge Children Age 5 or over but under 10 are free of charge when linked to their Parent’s, Grandparent’s or Guardian’s membership account.
Cadet £50.00 Age 10 or over but under 18 years
Single Senior £81.00 A full member age 65 or over, applicable after 5 years’ FULL membership
Joint Senior £113.00 One full member age 65 or over, applicable after 5 years’ FULL membership
Temporary £44.40 Per month (inclusive of VAT)



Please note:

It is a condition of membership that each Full Member and Young Adult Member shall perform a Duty each year. The details and certain exclusions are covered in the club byelaws, section 2 (j).  The club rules and byelaws are  available here  It is a condition of membership that members have read them.

The annual subscriptions listed above are based on the assumption that, where appropriate, members have done the required duty. An additional Duty Day Fee will be changed at the next renewal where the duty has not been completed.

Membership Application Form

Download the application form here  in PDF format.     [To view it you will need Adobe Reader. Download it for free here]

Please contact the Membership Secretary  who will respond to any membership queries.

For other queries please use the links on our contact page

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