I hope this message is approved, I have a slight problem. It’s that time of year when all the yachts are brought back onshore for the winter. My problem is that I will be in Australia from 9th October to 30th October, the dates being fixed by a conference that I am attending.

It looks like the last 2 weeks will be when the boats are lifted and I was wondering if I could employ (I will pay fair rates) the assistance of a trusty person to bring her round to PSC from Trafalgar Wharf (TW) where she is presently ashore while the broken helm fittings are being fabricated and replaced. The intention would be that I have her re-floated and tied up in the TW marina so that somebody just has to get the keys from the TW office, get aboard, start the engine and bring her round to PSC and help where required.

An early lift-out has been suggested and I appreciate the offer very much, I was just wondering if this idea might be a little less difficult to organise and less trouble.

Best Regards

Graham Jones (La Barre)