Online Facility Booking

All bookings for the club dinghies, rib and jaffas should be made with the club boats officer via the email

The boats need to be signed out and back in, including any comments or breakages, in the diary in the race hut. All damages wherever possible should be emailed to as it will help expedite repairs for the next user.

To see which boats and dates are available please check on the Club Boat page »

Step 1. Prior to Booking.

Before booking facilities please check the Shore & Water Based Calendars found in ‘Events and Results’ above as Club organised events will always take precedence over individual members requirements. This particularly applies to facilities such as the Upper Lounge (Shore Based) and the Rib and Workboat (Water Based).
To see who has booked a particular facility, please click here.


Step 2. Terms and Conditions.

You should also check the applicable policies/terms and conditions before making a booking as there may be restrictions on the facilities that can be booked:
Barge/Workboat:                Please see the Barge and Workboat policy. Please click here.
Club Dinghies:                   Please see the  Club Dinghy Usage Policy. Please click here.
User Manuals for the dinghies can be found here:.
Jaffa/Rib:                             You must be PowerBoat 2 certified or have your competence assessed.

Upper Lounge                   This facility is administered by the Social Committee. The booking form must be completed and can be                                                       found Here
Lawn                                    Please contact the Social Sec.
Marquee                              Please contact the Social Sec.


Step 3. Booking

When you have fulfilled the criteria above, please proceed to make the reservation click here.

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