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Weather Station. This has been upgraded and is now back online. 1st October 2018.

The weather station transmits data back to the console in the start hut. The graphics for the web page are generated by a program running on the PC in the start hut, these are then uploaded to the club web server. Until now the PC has been linked to the weather station console by USB. This link has been unreliable and the situation was made worse when the windows 10 upgrade was. installed. The station manufacturers were aware of the problem but applying their suggested fixes did not help.

We have now upgraded the interface in the console so that it uses the club WiFi network and USB is no longer involved. The upgrade was made 3 days ago, 28th September, and so far the link has been totally reliable.

The network connection in the console can send data straight to the internet without going through the start hut PC so I have registered the club weather station on the Weather Underground network as well as the UK Met Office WOW site.

Hence, live data from our station can be see by locating our station on the maps on the Weather Underground or Met Office WOW sites. The links are at the top of the Club weather page. So even if the start hut pc was turned off or rebooted you should be able still to check PSC live weather on one of the two external websites.

I think the time zone setting for these external sites may need changing so the time shown may be 1 hour out. This will be sorted out in due course.

The start hut pc now communicates with the weather station console over the network and is still required to generate the graphics for the club weather page. There are alternative ways to generate the club weather page graphics that don't require the start hut pc to be running and these may be explored in the future but not now!

The Weather Underground site is: PSC on Weather Undergound

The WU map is PSC on Local Wunderground Map

There is also a WU app for both IOS and Android or you can add the maps as a link on the home page of your phone or tablet using the options in the browser.

The Met office site doesn't have an app. The link is here: UK Met Office WOW. Search "Portchester" You also need to occasionally enter Portchester as the search term to centre and zoom the map. There doesn't appear to be a way of permanently defining the map centre and zoom level as there is with WU.

Both maps show you other weather station in the local area and along the coast so you can assess the conditions if you are planning to go out of the harbour. You need to click on the icon in the channel just off the slipway to see the local weather from our station.

I am pleased that we have been able to get the station back online and I hope it will stay that way.

John Roberts

PSC on Weather Undergound PSC on Local Wunderground Map UK Met Office WOW. Search "Portchester"



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