The ‘Young Vlogger of the Year’ Award goes to…?

The ‘Young Vlogger of the Year’ Award goes to…?

Thought you would like to know about the recent achievement of one of our Cadet members, having graduated from a Junior member – Andrew Shrimpton aged 16.

Andrew took part in this year’s Round the Island Race on ‘Bob’, a Farr 52.
They finished in 20th overall (after a very exciting race, including a spinnaker broach around the back of the Island at around 25 kts)

He recorded his race on his mobile phone (when he wasn’t hanging on for dear life), and made a short ‘video log’ of the race and decided to enter the JP Morgan ‘Young Vlogger of the Year’ competition – and won.

Andrew started with the club aged 8 doing his RYA level I dinghy sailing and has done extremely well by achieving his RYA PB2, Power Boat Instructor and Dinghy Instructor certificates through the Club. He has since gone on to obtain Powerboat Instructor at college.

He is an active member of the Training Committee and helps with the ‘On-board’ sessions as and when his work commitments allow.

Congratulations Andrew on your latest achievement.