To book a resource for a portion of one day:

Select the day you wish to book for on the calendar and enter the start and end times. This will reserve your selected resource on the day you have chosen between those times. Please remember that certain resources (such as Upper Lounge) need to be confirmed.

To book a resource for more than one day:

Select the days you wish to book for on the calendar, e.g. 01/01/12, 02/01/12 and 03/01/12. Enter the start and end times, e.g. 8:00 and 18:00. This will book your selected resource from 8:00 on 01/01/12 to 18:00 on 03/01/12.
Your reservation will be made as soon as you click ‘Send’ and is showing an entry on the calendar for the item you have selected.

Error Message

If you get the error message: “Start Time is invalid, probably by requesting time(s) already booked, or already in the past!” but this is not the case, please check that you have entered a full time, for example “12″ will create this error but “12:00″ will process correctly.

Internet Explorer and Compatibility View.

If you find the calendar view does not display below (once you have selected a facility to book) and you are using Internet Explorer web browser, please make sure the ‘Compatibility view’ option is turned off. This can be found by selecting ‘Tools’ and in the list that appears, please de-tick Compatibility View.

Any problems, please Contact Us

To see who has booked a particular facility, please click here.