Club Management

The Club is managed by a General Committee which has overall responsibility for all aspects of the Club activities. To improve the efficiency of the routine administration three executive sub-committees carry out the regular management activities. The  Finance and Policy Executive committee is responsible for financial and legal affairs, the House Executive Committee is responsible for the Clubhouse and the management of shore based activities. The Marine Executive Committee is responsible for managing all the water based activity. These committees meet monthly.

Normal practice is to suspend committee meetings in August. The Club has four Flag officers, Commodore; Vice-Commodore, Rear Commodore (Marine) and Rear Commodore (House). The two Rear Commodores chair their respective management committees, all the Flag officers sit on the General Committee. The Club has three Trustees. The AGM is held in November each year.

Mancom organisation chart May 2018 »

Section organisation chart Jan 2018 »

Section Committees

Club activities are organised and coordinated by the five Section Committees: Angling; Maintenance; Sailing; Social and Training. Each Section Committee consists of the Flag Officers, the respective Section Secretary who chairs the committee and a number of additional members.

Each Section Committee manages the Club activities within its remit. The Angling Committee is responsible for all aspects of the angling activities, the Maintenance Committee looks after the maintenance of the Club property and the Sailing Committee manages all aspects of the sailing activities of the Club with the exception of training. The Training Committee organises both water-based and shore-based training and subject to approval by the RYA, the Training Secretary also functions as the RYA Training Centre Principal. The Social Committee is responsible for administering the social and catering activities of the Club.

Club members can login and download documents with full details of the Club Rules and the current list of members who currently hold the posts outlined above. A schedule of the committee meetings for the current year and the minutes of the management and section committees are all posted online and members can download these.

A list of the generic emails available for contacting members of the Club management can be found in the public download section, alternatively a selection of email links can be found on the Club contact page.