Health and safety must be an integral part of our culture so that all can safely enjoy the wide range of activities and facilities made available by the Club. All members and employees therefore should:

• Co-operate with club management/officers on health and safety matters
• Not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety
• Take reasonable care of their own health and safety
• Report all health and safety concerns to an appropriate person:

Rear Commodore House

    (clubhouse, club ground, security, maintenance)

Rear Commodore Marine

    (boat parks, piers etc. workboat, mooring barge, boat lifter)

Club RYA Principal


Before starting a task or taking part in organised activities you should:

• Assess how any hazards might affect you, (for example: manual handling)
• Assess how your activities might have an impact on others (for example: trailing cables; trailing hose pipe (trip hazard))
• Take action to eradicate or minimise the hazard

A book entitled ‘Health, Safety and Defects Notification’ is kept by the telephone in the Lobby. This book is checked regularly and your vigilance and willingness to report will greatly assist in ensuring that health and safety standards are maintained.

In the event of an emergency contact the emergency services and in addition, please ensure a Flag Officer is notified. Contact details are displayed on the management noticeboard in the Lobby.

Details of any accidents or incidents (near misses) should be recorded in the accident book.


Health Safety Policy Document Ver 5 Feb 2017
Health and Safety Guidance Note No. 1 – General Information
Health and Safety Guidance Note No. 2 – Cruiser Storage ashore
Health and Safety Guidance Note No. 3 – Gas Safety on Cruisers during Storage ashore
Health and Safety Guidance Note No. 4 – Use of Ladders and Staging (Scaffolding)
Ladder Daily Pre Use Checklist
Generic Risk Assessment table for Fuel Storage
PSC Legionella Risk Assessment Jan 2013
PSC Asbestos Site Plans Feb 2013
PSC Asbestos Mangement Survey Report Feb 2013
Bar Risk Assesment Nov 2013

Portchester Sailing Club-FireRiskAssessment-2017-09-25
Start Hut and Rib Garage Fire Risk Assessment 19012017
Anglers Roost and Members Workshop Fire Risk Assessment 19012017

PSC Asbestos Certificates Sheet 1 Feb 2013
PSC Asbestos Certificates Sheet 2 Feb 2013
Cert(810546)-20140728141757- Legionella_Bar_Area 17_Jul_14
Cert(810547)-20140728141758- Legionalle _Shower Room_17_Jul_14
Cert(810548)-20140728141800- Legionalla _ Sea Gate Tap _17_Jul_14
Cert(810549)-20140728141801- Legionella_Jetty Tap_17_Jul_14
Club Kitchen Cleaning Certificate Aug 14 – Aug 15

Safety briefing for Work Parties:
PSC Safety Briefing for Work Parties