Please read and observe the following Club booking requirements.

Failure to observe these requirements may result in a booking being cancelled and removed without notice.

Rules and Requirements

You can go directly to make a booking via the Online Booking page here. In doing so you are indicating your agreement with the rules and requirements set out below.

Outside the Club, the booking page and the list of facilities will only be visible once you have logged in. If you are already in the Club and use one of the Club PC’s, or access the booking system using the Club Wifi you may be logged in with someone else’s credentials. Please logout and log back in using your own details.

Rules for booking and use of Club facilities

Training has first call on:

  • Training Room
  • Club boats

Some facilities are only used by members who have been appropriately trained to use that resource.

Please do not book something that you have not been cleared to use. This will only result in your booking being cancelled. If you need advice, please ask.

The Club has a policy for the use of the Club dinghies by members this must be followed.

All bookings for the club dinghies, rib and jaffas should be made with the club boats officer via the email

The boats need to be signed out and in, including any comments or breakages added in the diary in the race hut.

How to make a booking

  • Log In
  • Go to the Online Booking page
  • Select the resource you wish to book from the drop down menu
  • Select the date you require from the calendar, changing months if necessary. Any days which already have bookings will be marked – hover over the day to see what times have been booked
  • If you select the wrong day, click it again to deselect it
  • Once you have selected the day, enter the times from and to that you require this resource using the format hh:mm
  • You will need to enter your details to book; some of these should already be completed for you. There is an optional message area if you have any specific requirements
  • Use the link provided to review any relevent policy documents and use the tickbox to agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Click Send
  • Only bookings for Upper Lounge and Lawn bookings will receive a confirmation email (and only once the booking has been approved). Bookings for other facilities are not normally approved

If your booking is wrong, please email If you have any problems with entering the times, please see our help page.