Training at PSC is provided exclusively for our Members.

Please visit the Joining section of this website for details on how to join the Club.

Members of Committees or sub-groups where specific training is essential to enable them to undertake the tasks required may have their courses paid for by the relevant Section. Please ensure you gain approval from the appropriate Secretary before booking.

Who’s Who in the Training Team

Training Secretary – Vicky Brook-Holmes
RYA Principal & Course Coordinator – Sue Sayle
Chief Instructors – Jaye Isherwood (power) Geoff Pavey (sail)
Senior Instructors – Janice Beaumont, Trevor Exelby, David Gray, Sean Gregory, Jenny Winfield, Heather Yeomans
PowerBoat Instructors – Gerry Anderson, Mark Bromly, Ann Carter-Chapman, Hugh Crothers, Ian Gregory, Colin Slade
Dinghy Instructors – Gerry Anderson, Richard Corser, Paul Oakey (Race Coach), Andrew Smallwood, Ray Suomi
Assistant Instructors – Wayne Durrant, Blake Latta, Kieran Shrimpton, David Topley

Training in 2019

As the 2019 sailing season approaches shore based training is taking place and is advertised on the website and via googlemail, also look out for leaflets around the Club. This is the general programme for water based training:

  • A pre-season briefing for Juniors, their parents, and adults wanting to join courses will be held on Sunday 31st March at 15.00. Come and meet your Instructors and find out more about the scheduled training. This is an opportunity to learn how to start or pick up where you left off last year – bring your log books with you. It will enable Instructors to plan sessions for making the best use of time on the water and ashore. All the relevant forms (downloaded from the website) can be completed and relevant fees paid for the tuition required.
  • Weekend training to gain RYA Stage 1-2 qualifications (juniors) will be advertised on the website calendar and via googlemail. Watch out for dates and book at least 10 days in advance. There will also be individual training days during the school holidays for those more experienced sailors (Stage3) to improve their racing or seamanship skills.
  • The Summer Holiday Club will be from Monday 29th July through to Friday 2nd August – More details will be released closer to the event.
  • Adult training for RYA Level 1,2 and 3 will be organised regularly at weekends at the Andrew Simpson Watersports Centre, Portsmouth. All dates for each Level are in the Club Calendar.
  • This year our OnBoard programme will again be providing after school sailing sessions to children from 3 local Schools. The schools will have signed up for a 10 Hour OnBoard Course for up to 12 children. Each child completing the course satisfactorily will be entitled to a Stage One RYA certificate together with their OnBoard Certificate, and will be welcome to join in Club sailing activities for the rest of the season.
  • Watch out for DUCKLINGS dates. These are supervised sessions for 5 to 8 year olds to build water confidence. Mostly on Saturdays with a high tide on the slipway, they will get afloat for a couple of hours simply for the fun of it!
  • Thursday nights are for the NERDS (New Enthusiastic Really Determined Sailors) A friendly group of over 18 year olds who are newish to sailing and want to help each other improve their skills under the watchful eye of a support boat. Join the fun whatever the weather or tide, and debrief in the bar at the end of the session. This is a free session.
  • The Club is also an ICC Test Centre and assessments can be arranged – on your own boat – by contacting the Course Coordinator This generally takes about 4 hours to complete and can be arranged at a time to suit you.

The syllabus for all our sailing courses will follow that of the RYA and can also involve training to enable members to progress into Club racing or to improve their Seamanship skills through specific coaching. All courses (with the exception of OnBoard) require prior booking and payment to secure a place.

Booking forms are available for download in the colour panel to the right >

Require Further Information?

If you have any further queries relating to training e.g. if you would like to volunteer to join the Training Team, would like to join our in-house instructor programme, propose a course or simply want to know more about training at PSC, please talk to a member of the Team.

We are always ready to welcome any club member who already has Instructor qualifications either as a member of the Team or for more ‘casual’ assistance with training. Parents and volunteers to help with the preparation of boats and safety cover on the water are also very welcome.

Please contact:

Training Calendar

Training is delivered by the Training Section of the Club which aims to provide training opportunities for all boating sections of the Club. The Club is a RYA Recognised Training Centre (RTC) and we are therefore governed by the rules set out by the RYA.

The Club is also a recognised OnBoard Centre with the aim of introducing sailing to the wider community and our local school children specifically. The RYA Principal is ably supported by a team of RYA instructors, assistants and helpers.

Course Costs for 2019

Shorebased Courses:

  • one day courses – £50 per person
  • Day Skipper (40hr course) – £150 per person

Online Courses:

Safe & Fun safeguarding awareness – free to volunteers

Water-based Courses:

  • Evening/day sailing sessions (approx 3hrs x 10 sessions) – £50 per person
  • 2 day RYA sailing courses (approx 16hrs) – £60 per person
  • Ducklings (approx 2hrs x 5 sessions) – £25
  • 2 day powerboat courses – £60 per person
  • Powerboat2 direct assessment (approx 4hrs) – £30 per person
  • ICC Assessment (approx 4hrs) – £30

Summer Camp:

  • daily – £25 per junior
  • weekly – £100 per junior (discount for siblings)

OnBoard Course fees for 2019

  • £80 per school for 2 staff and up to 12 children

OnBoard one years temporary membership

  • £30 per student

Course Information

Training Documents

Booking forms

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