Help for using the PSC website.

The website is designed to make your life easier. A lot of attention has been taken with appropriate menus and descriptions to make it easy to navigate and find the part you are looking for. However there will always be room for improvement so if you see anything that is incorrect or something that could be explained better please do contact explaining the problem so we can improve it.

It isn’t possible to cover all parts of the website in detail so some generalisations have been made.


Please take the trouble to remember or write down your username and password – it is possible to reset a password but as this is a manual process, it can take a few days to be done bearing in mind that the website administrators do have days away from the computer, particularly in the Summer!
The Login is required should you wish to see anything in the private part of the website such as minutes of meetings or sensitive information. It is also needed should you wish to book a rally or a facility.


Once logged in and having selected one of the blue drop downs a “Search” box appears. Simply type the word or phrase you wish to find and it will list everything on the website containing that word or phrase, whether documents or Minutes. All that is needed is to go through the list to find what you want.

Booking a Club facility.

Please see the relevant pages for more detailed help.

Booking an event.

Certain events such as Cruiser Rallies are bookable with a limited number of spaces so a booking system is the only way to control the numbers. Simply go to the Water Based Calendar and select the event on the date you wish to book and follow the instructions. Occasionally the booking will be for the boat so just one space needs to be reserved but more normally it will be for the number of people attending so please read the rally instructions carefully.